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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I didn't do much today, i just bought my mum a blouse and glad that she likes it. She wore it today to my cousin's engagement at Setapak.

Then later at night, i wrote her a simple note to tell her how much she means to me:

Today is the day to appreciate mothers, although to me, mothers should be appreciated everyday, But today, and not everyday that i get to tell you how special you are to me.

Firstly, i say thank you for everything that you've done for me because without you mak, i wouldn't be as fat, as beautiful, as healthy as i am today.

I know sometimes you can get really stressful, but you've never complained how much sacrifices you made just to keep me and aidiel happy.

Didi rasa sangat bertuah kerana dilahirkan dengan mak dan ayah and bersyukur kerana kalau dibandingkan dengan anak-anak yatim piatu, mereka dibesarkan tanpa ibubapa, dan hari ini, didi masih mempunyai mak yang sangat penyayang.

Didi minta maaf seandainya didi tidak dapat mengawal kelakuan didi yang adakalanya keterlaluan, tetapi dengan kasih sayang mak dan tok, didi will not dissappoint you because you taught me well. And for that, i can't thank you enough.

Sometimes i can be so disobedient to you, i know someday my children could end up like me and when the time comes, i want you to be there to give me the support i need. I know when i don't listen to you, i will face the consequences, i did, and it took a while for me to understand why you can be so harsh on me, at times. Mistakes are made for me to grow stronger and be where i am today.

Mak, you will always be my superwoman and i can never ever find someone to replace you. Happy mother's day.


  • At May 26, 2007 at 10:55 AM , Blogger muhanad said...

    well, I am just AMAZED by ur sweet words about mothers' day... ur words really shaked my heart... no kidding...
    I wish u happiness forever with ur family, and I ask Allah to grace u and ur family with love forever...
    u know, ur parent should be proud of u, and i'm so sure that they r a great parents... indeed... u make me wanna meet them :)
    well, to share with u, i just wanna add something to what u framed... we should make everyday of our life a parents' day... we will never know how much sacrifices they paied for us to reach this stage in our lives... when the time i try to review in my mind what they granted me, my tears drive out my eyes, I wish that one day i be just a good father as my father is, or sympathatic just like mum... I ask Allah to save them for me, save all our parents, and grant them health and strength...
    at the end I send a couple of words to my parents: I LOVE YOU

    thx Didi for ur lovely topic, thank u from the bottom of my heart :)

    be good


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