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Saturday, June 9, 2007

UVNation 2007

I had my hair done, just flat-ioning. Was wearing white top and jeans, with heavy make-up. The party started at 6pm at one utama rooftop carpark. I came around 9.30 pm. I had to wait in a long queue at the main entrance.I was offered a can of beer, but i don't drink. I came alone, my friends were there later. It was different than the last rave i went for (Tiesto), as it was held at rooftop carpark. The area was divided into two; the first area was the Urban room, more of RnB and some mixture of retro and rock sound. It was located in the carpark, which looked funny, but a different concept i would say. Then i walked my way to the main arena; they were bars, fast-food joint, tables for people who'd like to chill with alcohol beverages, and shops selling glow-in-the-dark bands. I saw lots of local kids (say around 16-21 years old) and some foreigners. I walked to the front stage, squeezed in between people who were shuffling, drinking, making so much noise, and they were all sweaty...and some wore shades which looked good on them. Some guys were topless, while the girls wore skimpy clothes; i was hoping to see them naked :P

Anyway. I reached the main stage, right in front of the speakers, it was freaking loud! Joey G was the host for the event. I missed Altered Image, DJ Desire was spinning at that time, she's alright. To me, it was kind of boring. I met a friend from KDU College, Loai, I asked him to take pictures because my phone's battery was low. Then the moment everyone was waiting for, Benny Benassi has finally arrived! But i was quite dissapointed because the had some technical problems for about 10 minutes; while waiting, a girl was carried out because she couldn't breathe. Later on, Benny started off with smooth beats, followed by hard house. Imagine, having to stand in front of the stage, the bass was mad! There were couple of hot
dancers on stage dancing to the beat; man, they have nice legs and body! Well, just 2 of them that I've noticed. I couldn't move around that much as I was squeezed like tuna in a can! But i couldn't care much. Benny played music that I've never heard of and it was wicked! Oh by the way, I was clean throughout the whole event! Care to believe me? No E's, no booze, no weed (damn)! Everyone was actually waiting for Benny to play Satisfaction, well I think he came here before at the Revelation party in Port Dickson, and he must've played that before, still, that song still a one hit wonder, so he played it towards the end of his session.

I was so thirsty, i walked out from the main stage; another "ex-squeeze me" out. On my way, I saw couple of friends from KDU College; i hooked up with them for a while, then decided to get water because i couldn't stand it!And of course at that time, Benassi ended his session; Bass Agent took over. I thought I could skip it for a bit. I feel so dehydrated. Then i bought an Evian for RM10 when i could get it for free from the ticket! Silly me. Then I went to see my other bunch of friends back at the Urban area. They were high on substances, happy for some reason, which was alright to me :) I danced for a while at the Urban area, not as crowded as the main area. Junio Hustle was the host, but I'm not sure who was spinning the deck. There were supposed to be Stylustiks, Ben Cracko, Blink and Goldfish. It was alright; I like the main arena better :)

Now here's the best 1 hour i had in my life. I went back to the main arena, with my friends. When we reached the place, Praba lifted me up on his shoulders! I find it hard to balance it at first, I was so scared of falling down, but I could see the whole area of 5000 people! Whoa! Crazy! Then he walked up near the stage, and this time the UVNation crews sprayed water from the hose to the crowd, including me and I was soaking wet! Now my hair is not straight anymore; bye-bye RM20! It was awesome because he carried me around the crowd and I could see people were just having so much fun dancing, screaming, waving their hands up in the air, for 20 minutes!


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