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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Psychedelic experience- Part 2

It's not all about drugs when it comes to psychedelic trance. Drugs would help to enhance the effect of listening to trance music but it's not necessary.

The reason why i relate trance music to drugs is because you have a choice to consume drugs while listening to trance music to feel the vibe and gives an amazing effect; this is just another way of looking at it. Drugs are not entirely harmful substances if used the right way, i.e. medicational purposes. Psilocybin mushrooms( magic mushrooms) are used to treat severe cluster headaches (cited in

According to my personal experience, I'm aware that most drugs produce side effects immediately or in a long run; depending on your body immune/cardiovascular system.
I'm not promoting drugs, i don't have to say the negative side of taking drugs. In fact, i don't have to take drugs to listen to trance music. I personally listen to psychedelic trance when im working out at the gym just to give me the motivation needed to continue my work out on the running belt. When i run and listening to trance, i feel motivated to push myself to run faster and for a longer period of time. Without music, the "excitement" to work out won't be as much.
I've been to clubs, and raves which i've seen people taking ecstacy, lsd, ice to enjoy themselves.

For one thing, alcohol and drugs give you a temporary high effect with consequences after the effect. Under the influence of those chemical substances, you may not be aware of your surroundings and turn against the reality; it's like you are in a different world. Some say, if you are shy, and if you take Chivas for example, you won't feel embarass to dance in the crowd, basically you'd feel more confident. The fact is, you just need to know how to dance so you have more confidence- not by consuming chemicals that are toxic to your body. Come to think of it, it's better when you are aware of your surroundings and you learn how to dance.

When i hit the clubs, my friends would ask, why you don't you have some...they'd offer to smoke weed, to take ecstasy, but to me, there's no point because i don't get to feel what actually is going on around me. When i do go for parties, i like to observe the crowd, learn a few steps, enjoy the music, and i don't have to look silly if i take JD coke; I would look stupid if i do because I'm not aware of what i'm saying or doing, and so i won't enjoy my time there. Another reason being would be, i'm proud of myself for not having to do what others would normally do to be/look cool. I feel proud/ have a sense of respect to myself when I don't get involved in drugs; personally, I feel people around you would respect you more if you know how to control/respect/take care of yourself.

There are lists of side-effects of using drugs/ consuming alcohol that i don't have to mention. I value myself as important, respect myself and love myself. Love yourself first before you love someone else- sounds a bit selfish there but to my interpretation, if you have a healthy mind, body and soul, you'll make the best out of yourself. I love to challenge myself and i know it's very easy for me to be part of the party lifestyle, but the hardest is to stay away from alcohol and drugs- and that's a challenge for me. So once i overcome it, i feel a sense of relief, pride, and as if i won a fight (i might sound silly but that's how i feel).

Psychedelic trance party, is just another party for psychedelic fans and it's upto you to choose how you want to lead your life. Life is better when it's real and it's not all about alcohol and drugs; it's all in your mind. The power of mind let's you control what you want to feel, how you want to feel. If you listen to psychedelic trance with your friends, appreciate and understand the meaning of the psychedelic music and the psychedelic art- that is the real understanding of psychedelic trance. Learn the history, the content, the fundamental values of pyschedelic art and the combined interpretation of psychedelic art and music; these are the important elements towards understanding the different levels of psychedelic experience.

Till then.

History of Psychedelic Trance


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